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Sheffield Queer Fringe Event First Meeting

Wed 5 Sep 2012, 6pm, Kelham Island Tavern, 62 Russell St. S3 8RW

As many of you will know next year Sheffield is due to host it's 6th Pride event next summer. There is some interest in creating an alternative / fringe event, that is not only unafraid to be political but is openly and proudly so with an emphasis on campaigning for queer rights, putting the protest back into pride and genuinely celebrating and demonstrating the uncensored diversity of our community.This first meeting is just an informal gathering to find out who may be interested in getting involved, talk about some ideas and look at how we might go about doing this.Some brief ideas may include: queer campaigns, struggles and protests current and historic. Fund and awareness raising for the above causes. Free, inclusive and non-censored DIY non-corporate community events / network, alternative to mainstream gay "scene" for people of all genders, sexualities and identities. Specific inclusivity of minority / non-mainstream groups / individuals often excluded by main pride events / groups, eg. genderqueer / non-gender binary, sex workers, polyamourous, pansexual, asexual, BDSM etc. Possible events / activities: film screenings, workshops, talks, gig, direct action, zinebook fair, art exhibition.Some other events / groups which may be worth taking a look at for ideas: Queeruption / Reclaim the Scene / Pride is a Protest / Queer Mutiny / Gay Shame / Radical FaeriesFacebook event:

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