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Recycling centres GMB demonstration

Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12 noon outside the Town Hall

As the council meets, a protest around the ridiculous scandal of public services sold off to profit-making multinational companies and their share-holders. Veolia are sub-contracting waste recycling to SOVA for less than 10% of what they get paid, and the council has no access to the deal due to commercial confidentiality. The dreaded A4E is supplying offenders to work at the recycling centres replacing strikers. The GMB union believes that SOVA will try and push workers out to be replaced with offenders. Workers were working 30 hours a week at minimum wage (down from 45 not long ago). They now have to work 37.5 hours in the summer and 22 in the winter. 22 hours at £6.08 per hour is £133.76 a week. One worker has just quit after establishing that he was much better off on Income Support. Many others face redundancy. Public acceptance of fortnightly bin collections only goes with retention of good recycling facilities. Waste recycling could generate local jobs and income, but this is surely going in the opposite direction. Come and show your support.

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