Alt Sheff

The guide to Sheffield's
radical, alternative, ethical
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Sat 23 Jun 2012, 10am-6pm, Bank Street Arts, Bank St. S1 2DS

Bookfairs are a traditional way of introducing people to the intellectual, ethical, creative and fun aspects of anarchist thought and the anarchist movement today. The event offers a range of publishers and booksellers, comics, zines, film, art, food and activities. Anarchists argue that there is an alternative to a world ruled by profit, and that it is possible to organise society based on systems of mutual solidarity, from the bottom-up and controlled directly and democratically. This is not a utopian dream but builds on the concrete experiments of people in struggle, from the Diggers of 1649 to the Peasant and Worker Councils of Ukraine in 1917, right up to contemporary self-managed and co-operative industries from Spain to

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