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Party to welcome the new registrar of Sheffield University

Wed 21 Oct 2009, 12.00 at Firth Court, University of Sheffield

Sheffield Activist Network party on the steps of Firth Court to welcome Phil Harvey as the new registrar to Sheffield University. At previous Universities he has been responsible for such heavy handed actions as a campus curfew for anti-militarist activism, forced redundancies, union busting, the forcing of external trustees onto the Sussex Senate and attacks upon the Sussex Camp Against Cuts.As Sheffield University attempts to claw back a 25 million pound deficit caused by its reckless speculative activity such measures are already being seen here, such as the shutting down of the Biblical Studies department, increased redundancies and influx of 'bank workers'. It is people like Phil Harvey who will play a large role in furthering these actions as well as seeking to minimise student and worker resistance to then.Sheffield Activist Network do not feel universities should be run as businesses where the education of students is left to the whim of the market and can be shelved when management sees fit, or that university workers should be made to suffer for the failures of the capitalist system and of its component parts. This party is to illustrate that awareness of what is happening rather than standing by passively and letting it happen.

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