Who Is Your Neighbour? learning event

Date, Time & Location Tue 28 Feb 2012, 10am-4.30pm, St Mary's Church and Conference Centre, Bramall Lane S2 4QZ
Details A City of Sanctuary event to share what has been learned during the two years of the South Yorkshire-wide 'Who Is Your Neighbour?' project. It is developing a particular approach in building resilience to prejudice and intolerance to which we are all susceptible, with a focus on the influence of far right ideologies. Through Safe Space Conversations, where people can be honest and safely raise questions and fears, and say things that you’re 'not allowed' to say. Through reflection, questioning and challenging, the project assesses how different types of communication can be used to challenge divisive narratives. This learning event is an opportunity to share the learning, and to learn from people who will be joining in on the day. Contact: project.administrator@whoisyourneighbour.org.uk or tel: Rotherham (01709) 309118 www.cityofsanctuary.org