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Growing Food Course

Wed evenings from 1 Feb 2012, 7-9pm, Central United Reformed Church, Chapel Walk S1 2JB

A guide to edible-culture in ten evening classes. Organics, Biodynamics & Permaculture; the practical science involved in growing food. The subject is presented as a human-centred occupation or craft which can bring life-long enjoyment in the form of edible art. Students receive a copy of the course book, access to an extensive seed-bank of local heritage varieties of edible crops and herbs, and a library of relevant books and archive material. Also the chance to taste samples of fresh produce each week, including dozens of types of apples and pears. The course is an opportunity to get to know other people with an interest in local growing and eating. Tutor Richard Clare has been delivering courses for more than ten years and is adept at guiding both beginner and experienced growers. He has developed and maintained a range of small, medium and large-scale growing sites in and around the city and co-ordinated a variety of public access projects. Taking food-growing seriously, Richard has been responsible for initiating projects such as the Ponderosa community orchard, Gardening for Health, the LEAF, SAGE and Well-Being allotments, the Green Food Map, Grow!Sheffield, Abundance, LandShare and Allotment Soup. He believes we need a new term to describe the current interest in self-sufficiency, which he calls "Ediculture" - Edible Culture, to distinguish this activity from ornamental, garden horticulture or commercial, farm-scale agriculture. To book a place or for more information Sheff 2686727 / 07771-832759 or email:

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