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Sat 21-Sun 22 Jan 2012

Occupy Sheffield is hosting the 3rd National Occupy Conference, discussion, entertainment, debate and networking with occupiers from around the country building alternatives to coroporate greed. Events will be held at the Occupy camp on Church Street and at the Citadel of Hope On Cross Burgess Street. Outline Programme:Friday 20th January

  • Arrival, introductions and live music.
Saturday 21st January
  • 11am-12 Talk:Chaos Theory
  • 12-1pm Talk: Co-operatives and mutuals (2012 is the UN Year of the Co-op)
  • 1pm RALLY OF THE 99% outside Sheffield Town Hall, to raise awareness of the issue of disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities
  • Speakers including:- Tom Redfean (Occupy Sheffield)
  • Colin Hampton (Unemployed Workers Union, Chesterfield)
  • Dawn Hunt (on behalf of people with additional needs)
  • Alan Thorpe (entrepreneur with a visual impairment)
  • Jillian Creasy (Green party) speaking up for Surestart
  • Julia O'Dwyer on the threat of extradition to the USA faced by her son
  • Barry Biddulph (trade unionist)
  • Maxine Bowler (Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance)
  • Alistair Tice (Socialist Party)
  • Richard Brown will chair and introduce speakers.
  • 2pm-3pm Kindness is Catching - tea and cakes event at Church Street
  • 3pm-4pm Talk: Alan Easter of Positive Money, on the current banking system
  • 4pm-5pm Talk: Richard Murphy on UK Tax
  • 5pm-6pm Talk: Richard White on Economic Geography
  • 6pm-7pm Talk: Equality
  • Evening Benefit Gig: Roy Bailey
Sunday 22nd January
  • Events focussing on national and international agendas for Occupy.
  • 7pm. The Invisible Circus and Friends. Performers from Bristol, London and Sheffield come together to present a Circus Theatre extravaganza in support of the National Occupy Conference at the Citadel of Hope. Admission free or by donation
At at the same time as the conference there is an international Frankfurt one about huge days of pan-European spring action in May. Also the "Euro pact" is due in March and there are calls for European-wide days of action then, which could be springboards for May action days focused on the IMF, ECB, EC.

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