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Fri 6 Jan 2012, 12.30pm at the Town Hall

Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance invites all Sheffield residents to start the new year with a protest against Government polices, and their tacit support by Sheffield council. Bring your banners, placards and music to oppose all the measures proposed.In the Governments' insane, illiterate austerity programme, essential, life-saving and life-enhancing services are being culled, jobs and benefits are slashed, thousands could lose their homes because of capped Housing Benefits. The list of things that we are supposed to sacrifice goes on ...In a letter to Sheffield people*, Cllr. Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council asks 3 questions, and she wants answers by 6 January. So let's give the answers! Here are SACA's suggestions: Q1 - Do you have any comments on what I have said in this letter? Answer - The Council should be STANDING UP for Sheffield. Q2 - What Council services do you think we should protect? Answer - Save ALL services. Q3 - Do you have any ideas and suggestions? Answer - Cuts are NOT the cure.In 1945 after the war, faced with a public sector deficit greater in real terms than today's, with the memory of the disastrous responses to the Great Depression fresh in their minds, the Atlee Government successfully chose the public sector as the main motor of the economy. A massive council house building programme, setting up of NHS, rebuilding industries. This is what we need now.*To read the letter online, click here, then at bottom of screen click DownloadsDP9980_Budget (PDF, 360 KB) Resident letter explaining the Council budget

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