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Re-Open the Woodhead Line - Xmas fun quiz

Mon 19 Dec 2011, 7.30pm Glossop Labour Club, Glossop

Re-Open the Woodhead Line campaigns to re-instate the railway route linking Manchester to Sheffield. Here is their fun quiz that does not involve trains, railways, gauges, anoraks or even nerdy related questions that allude to a certain form of transport. A light hearted finale to what has been a hard year of campaigning, for the 30th Anniversary year of the closure of the line. They held a slideshow on the history of the Woodhead line and a Rail Users Forum with 2 MPs in attendance (Angela Smith and Shadow Rail Minister, Andrew Gwynne). Also a wreath laying ceremony at Manchester Piccadilly (in memory of those who lost their lives in building the tunnels) covered on both the BBC and ITN news programs. Re-open the Woodhead Line website

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