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Christmas Carols for Corporate Scrooges

Sat 17 Dec 2011, 1pm meet at Occupy Sheffield camp (Cathedral) Church St. S1

UKuncut and Occupy Sheffield invite you to don your bustles, bonnets, top hats and muttonchop whiskers as you join a merry Christmas carol tour of Old Sheffield Town to visit the tax avoiding, money syphoning ghosts of Christmas past and present. But do they have to be the ghosts of Christmas future?Drop by on good old English, sorry, 'off-shore' institutions, wave to dear old Mr Green the penny pinching tailor and haberdasher then drop by a few venerable old moneylenders to see if they can give a figgy pudding and half a ninepence for the Bob Cratchit's who bailed them out.And did we mention they'll be dishing out mince pies? But be quick to get them! Georgie Porgie Osborne might show up to suck all the fillings out; he's such a naughty boy.'Tax dodging is now a highly organised, aggressive, abusive business – a deep-seated, pervasive, pernicious disease that infects our body politic and eats away at society.' Richard Murphy, Tax Research UK'Even those banks who did not take capital from governments clearly benefited (and continue to benefit) from these actions. We are grateful for them, and our behaviour should acknowledge that benefit.' John Varley, former CEO Barclays

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