Residents against Station Closure halloween party

Date, Time & Location Mon 31 Oct 2011, 5.30pm outside the railway station
Details Station Bridge Campaigners say 'Don't trick us with barriers, treat us to a Public right of way!' Residents against Station closure are hosting a Halloween party which will inform the public of the current situation regarding the station bridge. Wizards, ghosts and demons will be casting spells to ensure the bridge remains open to the public. They will all be stirring a giant cauldron with very special ingredients! A RASC spokesperson with a pointy hat and very big nose said: 'Hubble, bubble toil and trouble Save our station on the double With a right of way for all Our campaign will stand up tall!' After the party the ghosts, witches, demons and party goers will march across the Station to Sheaf Valley Park to enjoy a mug of hot pumpkin soup. All welcome. For further information contact Graham Wroe 07752 473190 Residents Against Station Closure website Facebook Group: Keep Sheffield Station open to the Public