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Sheffield Universal Education Collective: Eco-Socialism

Tue 8 Nov 2011, 6pm-7.30pm Red Deer pub upstairs room, 18 Pitt St. S1 4DD

Sheffield Universal Education Collective is a grouping of union activists, students and workers in the higher education sector aiming to provide free and radical, open and democratic education in the city. Inspired by the waves of student protests and activism, they explore means of change through critical thinking about the world.This session: Eco-Socialism. Peter Garbutt says "I'm not a Marxist; but.... I do recognise that he - and Engels - made a valuable contribution to the study of political analysis. I can't even claim to know a great deal about Marx; but I have little time for those who fight over his legacy like religious factions. Marx lived in the nineteenth century. He wasn't around for many of the key discoveries we take for granted.If we are to genuinely forge a coherent politics of the left, we must take what is relevant from Marx, develop it by taking into account those discoveries, and look to the future.The result isn't traditional socialism; it is eco-socialism."Sheffield Universal Education Collective website

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