Pandemic: situationist arts events

Date, Time & Location From Sat 5 Nov 2011, for the next week or more ...
Details The world is currently under the rule of something that has passed the insanity threshold. But this insanity has been normalised as the acceptable. What can be done? How can we try to change this? How can we challenge a system that has done such a good job of asserting itself as reality itself? Pandemic is a situationist arts event, a continuous programme including visual art, performance, experimental music, lectures/talks, film, demonstration, discussion. Events are in various spaces: 7 Garden St.; Bank Street Arts; Audacious Space 108 Harwood St.; the Riverside pub 1 Mowbray St.; city centre; disused spaces; University of Sheffield, and possibly elsewhere. Saturday 5th November:
  • Midday - Audacious Art Experiment - Drums in the City Centre
  • 1pm - UKuncut - Action: Theatre & Music (city centre see above)
  • 2pm - Stephen Carley 10 x 1 minute Silent Demos (city centre)
  • 3pm Forum Theatre - open workshop - explore your fears, desires; your hopes, dreams and nightmares for the future through the development of a new group performance (7 Garden Street)
  • 7pm Lorraine Smith - Indestructible - Performance (Riverside pub)
  • 8pm Anne Kinnunen - Oppositionist - Performance (Riverside pub)
  • 9pm Catherine Pinhorn –Something for Your Lunch – Performance (Riverside pub)
  • 9pm Nachtdingen - Long Disorganised Musics
  • 10pm Nick Blackburn - Performance
All events are free. The programme welcomes change. Anyone can be written into the programme at any time during Pandemic Email: / Search: pandemic sheffield