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NHS Reforms - Still a Threat to the NHS?

21st July, 7 pm; Victoria Hall (Upper Hall), Chapel Walk, 7.00 pm

Sheffield Save Our NHS and Medact South Yorkshire invite you to a meeting with Dr Clive Peedell, NHS consultant oncologist and BMA Council member. Following a pause in the parliamentary process for the Coalition's NHS reforms, the government have made many changes to the Bill which are going through a House of Commons Committee stage during July. Will these changes make any difference to the government's original intentions or are they just about presentation? Is privatisation of the NHS still a real risk? Are the commissioning arrangements workable? Should the Bill be completely withdrawn? Dr Peedell has been an outspoken critic of the proposed NHS reforms. Come and discuss what effects of the amended Health and Social Care Bill are likely to be and how they can be opposed. For further information see

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