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Zero Carbon Britain: Local Day of Action

Sat 16 Jul 2011, 10.30am from The Wicker Arches, 12.00 Meadowhall

July 16th is 'Zero Carbon Britain Day' and Sheffield's day of action begins at 10.30am with a bike ride up the Don Valley, including renewable energy sites on route. The bike ride starts at 10.30 from The Arches on the Wicker, to access the 5 Weirs Walk. At 12.00 noon there will be a tug of war between 'Bikers' versus 'Banksters' on the Meadowhall site near the river. (The precise location to be circulated later). Rumour has it that the Banksters want business as usual with continuing investment in fossil fuels and the cyclists want to look for real ways to get to Zero Carbon Britain by 2030. Just turn up or contact jenny.patient (at) or call Sheff 2498613.

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