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Is it racist to criticise Islam?

Wed 6 Jul 2010, 8pm, University Arms, 197 Brook Hill S3 7HG

Humanism in a multi-cultural society; a discussion with Mat Baily, Sheffield Humanist Society. Many Humanists from a Christian background who oppose Christianity due to its intolerant and oppressive nature are hesitant to openly take issue with other similarly oppressive world religions out of a concern that it may be in some way racist to do so. This concern is exacerbated by truly racist attacks upon Islam by those on the far right who use religion as a proxy for race. Yet with assaults upon RE teachers, riots over plays and cartoons, suicide bombings and other actions by non-Christians seeking special treatment for their faiths, humanists can find it hard to stay silent.In this context how can Humanists take issue with non-Christian religions and oppose their demands for undue power and privilege? A talk open to the public, organised by the Sheffield Humanist Society, all welcome.

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