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Cuba: Resistance and Restructuring.

Tue 14 Jun 2011, 7.30pm St Matthews Meeting Rooms, Carver Street, S1 4FE

A Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign public meeting, with Gladys Allyon, European Officer of Cuba's Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, the organisation that has worked for 50 years with British and other solidarity campaigns that defend Cuba's right to self-determination against external aggression. In April, Cuba celebrated the 50th anniversary of its people's defeat of the CIA-organised invasion of the island in the Bay of Pigs. The revolution was saved, and in the half century since, its people have built their world-beating welfare and educational services, and offered unrivalled solidarity to oppressed and exploited peoples across the globe. But these humanitarian achievements have come in the face of the US government's intense and illegal trade blockade and a 'dirty war' led by US-based terrorists.International solidarity with the Cuban people has helped in many ways throughout those struggles. Today, after a prolonged public debate, Cuba is restructuring its economy and planning how to sustain its systems of social solidarity and improve personal incomes. Come and discuss Cuba's resistance and its new restructuring process, and how we can help, Cuba Solidarity UK website

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