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Women In Black vigil.

Sat 4 Jun 2011, 1-2.30pm War Memorial, Barker's Pool, Sheffield S1 2JA

Women in Black is a world-wide network of women committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence. They are not an organisation, but a means of communicating and a formula for action. Any group of women anywhere in the world at any time may organize a Women in Black vigil, and Sheffield Women in Black holds a vigil on the 1st Saturday of every month at the War Memorial. All women are welcome to join this vigil protesting against the discrimination faced by LGBT people in the asylum process and about the unhelpful attitude of the South African government towards the treatment of lesbians who are raped and the notion of so-called 'corrective rape'.There will be letters for MPs asking that they urge the government to monitor the treatment of LGBT people in the asylum process to ensure that good practice is achieved and then maintained in this area.There are also letters to the South African Justice Minister asking that that government lives up to the recent undertakings it has made to improve the way the South African police and justice systems deal with rape, including 'corrective rape'.Email: sheffield womenin black @ hotmail .co.ukSheffield Women in Black website

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