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Sheffield Save Our NHS Demo and March to City Centre

Sat 28 May 2011

The Coalition Government is planning major changes to our Health Service. A wave of cuts has been announced across the country and private companies are queueing up to profit from our health and ill health. Time to get involved: nobody wants the new bill except the people who will profit from it. The BMA, the RCN, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the major trade unions representing NHS workers all oppose it.If this Bill goes through, even with cosmetic changes, 64% or more of frontline NHS services are at risk of being made subject to competition and privatised. We need to send a message strongly to the Government. Join this demonstration to let them know we want the bill scrapped altogether. Come along and get involved, show your support for the NHS.Meet 11am on the Green in front of the Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road to march into

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