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Sheffield 'Yes' Campaign for Fairer Votes

Sat 30 Apr 2011, 12 noon in town and in Heeley

The Referendum on the Alternative Vote is just a fortnight away - and those of us who have organised postal votes will already have our ballot papers in our hands. Very satisfying to vote with that cross next to 'Yes'!But there are still many people uncertain who they will vote. The majority of MPs, who clearly have a vested interest in the status quo, are supporting the 'No' campaign, as was to be expected. Time for we the people to make our voices heard. So Sheffield 'Yes' Campaign for Fairer Votes will be on the streets, giving out leaflets and explaining the advantages of the proposed new system, the Alternative Vote. Feel free to join in. City Centre: Town HallHeeley: Retail Centre, Chesterfield Road. Meet outside Lidl

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