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Talking Politics - Adult Education course

Thu 5 May 2011, 10am-12, for 8 weeks. St. Matthew's Rooms, Carver St. S1 4FT.

A discussion-based course looking at current political developments and issues in the UK and world-wide. Topics are usually suggested by the class.A WEA (Workers Educational Association) course. 8 weeks starting 5 May 2011. Ongoing group - newcomers very welcome. Enrol on the day, but it helps to them know beforehand that you intend to come.Cost £51 full, £3 if on means-tested benefits, or Working Tax Credit and income under £15K. Topics looked at in previous terms include; mid-East and North African revolts; Afghanistan; the 2010 UK general election and the coalition government; the financial crisis; the Alternative Vote referendum; Africa; the USA under Obama; the politics of food; climate change; Pakistan; immigration; civil liberties and human rights; Latin America; Tibet and China; energy, inc. nuclear power and green alternatives; the state of the Labour Party and the left; politics and oil; Russia; "is the USA in decline?"; globalisation; "is radical change possible in UK politics"?; Israel and Palestine; education; the MP's expenses issue; the European Union; various other elections, e.g. US presidentials, UK Euro and locals; and more...

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