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Vigil at nuclear research centre to mark the Chernobyl anniversary

Tue 26 Apr 2011, 3pm, Advanced Manufacturing Park at Catcliffe near Rotherham

This date marks 25 years since the toxic disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Thousands of people were affected and continue to suffer the consequences of radiation poisoning causing cancers, leukemia and horrific mutations. On the 11th March 2011 at Fukushima, Japan, the world witnessed again that man cannot control nuclear and a new generation of people and the planet will now suffer irreversible damage.Nuclear is in the hands of murdering governments and sick corporations that use it to kill and destroy innocent people. Today they use its waste product in the form of depleted uranium made into weapons to oppress, mutilate and murder the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and in the past many others. Excess waste is buried here in the UK for future generations to inherit. The government is planning to bury huge amounts under the Lake District and under our woodlands; this is extremely irresponsible and wrong. The UK government is in bed with big business working together to fast-track plans for ten new nuclear power plants in Britain by 2025. This is on top of the ten existing plants and 12 closed plants that still leak radioactive waste into our environment.The press and local policy-makers are working hard to 'greenwash' the reality of nuclear and have done a great job of convincing many greenies and lefties that we have no choice. This is bullshit as disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima have shown us that it can never be safe, and centralised power is a tool of oppression. There are many other ways that don't involve huge profits for greedy fat-cat murderers and the devastation of our planet.Your local nuclear research centre, the 'Advanced Manufacturing Park' is working with arms manufacturers and war profiteers such as Rolls Royce, Boeing and BAE. Along with Sheffield Uni they are creating a nuclear renaissance that must be stopped.Join us in Catcliffe to show solidarity for the victims of the nuclear industry and say no to nuclear power and weapons!

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