Women's course: Bricklaying

Date, Time & Location Wed 27 Apr 2011, for 5 weeks
Details Re-opened for 2011 with great voluntary spirit, Women in Construction Arts and Technology (WICAT) offers courses for women (and some for men also). Prices are low, just to cover costs, with concessions for learners on various benefits. BRICKLAYING - 5 week starts Wed 27th April, 6.00 – 9.00pm £60 Introduction to bricklaying for your garden makeover: Build a garden wall and learn basic bricklaying skills and techniques including mixing mortar, setting out and levelling and building planters. Tackle brickwork projects with confidence - transform your plot! Women only WICAT: 21 Buckenham St. (above the Hindu Samaj) Pitsmoor. Call for details Sheff 2725360, text 07813 126388 or email wicat2011 {at} gmail.com www.wicat.org.uk