National Stop The War demonstration, coaches from Sheffield

Date, Time & Location Sat 24 Oct 2009 in London, coaches leave from Paternoster Row, 7.30am
Details The war in Afghanistan is lurching from crisis to crisis. Opposition to the war is growing, even among those who have till now supported it as the 'good war'. Opinion polls show that people no longer believe the war serves any purpose. Even the tabloid media is having to reflect the growing discontent. Leading Democrats in the United States are trying to stop Obama sending more troops, with his Afghanistan commander General McChrystal rumoured to be asking for an increase of 45,000. The rigged election in Afghanistan puts the lie to any idea that NATO forces are bringing progress to the country. The fast rising rate of US and British soldiers dying has forced politicians and military commanders alike to admit that they are not "winning" the war. The more visible and active we make our campaign, as the situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, the greater will be the pressure on politicians to do what most people in this country want: bring the troops home, particularly when we're just months away from a general election. We need to ensure that this groundswell of anti-war feeling is translated into the biggest possible demonstration in London. BOOK YOUR PLACE ON THE COACHES TODAY Sheffield Stop the War Coalition are organising coaches down to the demonstration. Tickets: £20 Waged, £10 Unwaged/Student. To book a place call: 07522 706236