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Mon 21 Mar 2011, 5-6pm Sheffield Town Hall

Britain and the USA have bombed Libya with more than 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles. These are not precision guided weapons but weapons of mass destruction that will create many civilian casualties in Libya. The United Nations resolution authorising a no-fly zone begins as it will continue, with a full-scale military attack on the country. What will Western intervention achieve? The control of Libya's oilfields and the end of the Middle Eastern revolutions. Stop the War condemns this barbarous attack which will result, not in protecting the people of Libya, but in enslaving them under the domination of the West. We know only too well the death and destruction that imperialism has brought to the peoples of the region. This is a cynical attempt to reposition Western Imperialism within the region and to halt the mass uprising against these brutal regimes. David Cameron may have visited Tahrir square, but it was whilst he was on his way to an arms trade fair in the area where no doubt the tear gas (made in the UK) used on protestors in Tripoli, and the weapons (all made in the UK and US) used by Bahraini, Saudi and Yemeni governments right now to slaughter their own people, were being sold.The West has also become very choosy who it wishes to help in the area - why isn't there a no-fly zone for Israeli planes over Gaza? What is being done to stop the brutal murder of those in Yemeni? When the people of Bahrain rose up against their US-backed monarchy and were cut down in the streets, there was no talk of action, even though the US 6th fleet is based there. Sheffield Stop the War calls on all those who oppose these attacks to demonstrate. Leaflets putting the case for non-intervention and a petition, initiated by Tony Benn, John Pilger and others, are available to download for printing:LEAFLET: PETITION: is also a good interview with John Rees on YouTube - Why a UN no-fly zone over Libya and not Bahrain? Or Yemen? Or Saudi Arabia? VIDEO:

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