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Cinema Syndicate - Babylon

2nd November - 6:30pm - Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 2

This week at Cinema Syndicate a slice of street culture in the black british social realist classic 'Babylon'. Previously thought lost, unavailable on VHS or DVD, driven underground has now recently been re-released on DVD.Franco Rosso's Babylon tells the story of Rastafari/Soundsystem Culture in Brixton, London in the 1980's during the era of 'Sus' stop-and-search laws - pre the infamous Brixton riots.The film - dealing with issues such as cultural identity, cultural preservation, racism and police brutality follows a young black Londoner and his struggles organising soundsystem parties and in the local community - stuck in an area of high unemployment, high crime and low investment with institutionalised racism and street-level bigotry.Driven by an' outstanding reggae soundtrack the film offers a glimmer of light and hope of liberation.The Cinema Syndicate can be found on facebook for further details

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