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Extinction Rebellion updates

UPDATE 11th October 2019

At least 10 members of Sheffield Extinction Rebellion (XR) who have travelled to London have been arrested whilst defending the planet, and held in custody for up to 24 hours. The list includes Sheffield Green Party members Bernard Little (former Central Ward Councillor) and Dr. Bing Jones.

Sheffielders in London are meeting up at 9.30am each day on the steps of the national gallery in Trafalgar Square and have a base there and at St James Park, but plans are fluid and changing by the hour.

People planning to go to London are advised to download Signal before arriving, this is the main method of communication in London. On arrival, get someone to add you to the group chats. They recommend not doing this beforehand or you will be overwhelmed with communications. They also suggest packing light, with very little kit, to be ready to move like water. There is camping space and some sanctuary spaces available intermittently.

XR Sheffield currently have no plans for actions in Sheffield over the coming days, as much of their energy has been focused on planning for London. But they invite everyone, no matter your age, political alignment, gender or race to join in the rebellion for life. Introductory sessions are now being run on both Saturdays (11am) and Mondays (6.45pm) during the rebellion at Union Street co-working space. Their main meetings continue on Mondays along with the introductions. They are also hoping to run a stall in Sheffield City centre and information drop-in sessions at Union Street on Saturdays, so if you could help with one of these, please email

UPDATE 6th October 2019

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has long been planning for a two-week Rebellion from 7th October, in major cities on every continent of the world. Over 100 people from Sheffield are among the large North of England contingent which has travelled to London. The plan is to set up a temporary area in London called "The Northern Forest" where this huge group can live, eat, share, plan, protest and celebrate. Alt-Sheff will be supporting as we can, and passing on what news we hear.

The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, (with Gail Bradbrook and Simon Bramwell) Roger Hallam wrote "Common Sense for the 21st Century", the action plan for the nonviolent rebellion, published in April this year. He was arrested on "suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance" on 12th September, the day before drones were apparently flown around Heathrow Airport. He is remanded in custody until 14th October, according to Wikipedia.

One day before the Rebellion start date, XR sent out this news:

London police entered a warehouse in Lambeth, two days before the start of the Rebellion, making arrests of ten people. They tried to confiscate XR equipment, but by then much of the equipment had already been moved out of that warehouse, which is only one of many across the city. Even as police were preparing to knock down the door, priority gear was sneaked out through the back exit, according to XR’s mailout.

Obviously, XR must expect resistance. And of course, the police will inevitably claim evidence-gathering laws are legitimately being used in seizures of equipment (including waste bins, food and disabled toilets). But this may also amount to imtimidation, and infringe rights to peaceful protest. Even former police officers have expressed this opinion in a short YouTube video, and Sheffield MP Louise Haigh seems to agree in a tweet.

XR is taking legal advice, but the site in Lambeth was only part of a much bigger network. They say they already have all they need; creativity, a regenerative and supportive culture, and people most of all - five times more than the last big XR action back in April. The Emergency isn’t going away, and neither is Extinction Rebellion!

Interested in doing more with Extinction Rebellion? There is a sign up form here.

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