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Tenants: Sign the open letter from ACORN

Sept 2019

For years ACORN has been on the front line of the fight against homelessness and housing insecurity. They have prevented hundreds of evictions and where necessary, physically stopped them by confronting bailiffs and landlords with united community action.

Following a campaign as part of the End Unfair Evictions coalition the government announced that it would ban Section 21 evictions, removing the ability of landlords to evict tenants for no reason, and with just two months notice.

This was the greatest victory for tenants in decades but now the government and the landlord lobby are trying to undermine it. They plan to ban Section 21 but then beef up other laws to evict tenants in other ways.

We can’t let this happen. The government’s consultation is overlong and complicated; designed to make it almost impossible for ordinary renters to complete without a degree in housing law!

A formal response by ACORN members soundly rejected any attempt to allow unfair evictions though the back door. But we need more. We need to flood the government with thousands of responses from tenants so they get the message that we won’t stand for any rollback on this.
To maximise the pressure on the government the End Unfair Evictions coalition has developed an open letter and template consultation response that we’ll use to avoid their attempts to silence us.

Sign the open letter here at 38 Degrees.

Secure housing is a fundamental human right and we won’t take a step back in the fight to secure one.

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