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Stopping the council mowing grass verges

July 2019

A new petition aims to stop Sheffield City Council mowing grass verges at the sides of roads, where there is no foot traffic or safety concern. Long grass is an important habitat for many insects; we need to create more such areas due to climate change. Rotherham Council now treats such areas as wildflower meadows with popular approval.

Grass petition

Update: August 2019

It has emerged (in response to a freedom of information request) that Sheffield Council uses dangerous Glyphosate herbicide on the city’s pavements and greenery. This substance (the best know brand is Monsanto’s RoundUp) is very dangerous to insects, plant life and humans. Legal cases against Monsanto are now being won, after years of campaigning. It has been banned by various countries and UK councils. Glyphosate is toxic even down to killing earthworms and soil micro-organisms, and effects continue underground for 2 years or longer.

Safe alternatives to Glyphosate are available, so Extinction Rebellion Sheffield, Sheffield Green Parents, Sheffield Green Party and Sheffield Greenpeace are backing a petition on this matter. We urge Alt-Sheff readers to sign this petition, please.

Stop Using Glyphosate petition

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