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Petition to ban slum landlords in Sheffield.

March 2019

The situation for tenants in Sheffield is unacceptable. Most of us struggle to get landlords to carry out basic repairs and far too many houses are not fit for human habitation. Mould, major safety issues, and rip-off landlords are common across private rented houses. ACORN, a union for the community has defended tenants facing illegal evictions or without things as basic as a front door or a kitchen. Defending members is important and necessary, but policy changes are also needed to ensure houses meet a minimum standard for the tens of thousands who rent in Sheffield.

The council has introduced selective licensing in some areas to protect tenants - but the problem covers the whole city of Sheffield. ACORN is demanding that the scheme is expanded to protect tenants across the entire city. Please read the details and sign the petition at the link below.

ACORN petition

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