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Angry Workers: online meeting

Fri 27 Mar 2020, 7pm, on Facebook

The Angry Workers are a group based in West London, in an urban area not so different from Sheffield. In recent years they have been self-organising in workplaces to challenge exploitation, and producing a free newspaper. Before the Coronavirus lockdown, they planned to tour Britain from April, sharing experiences, holding discussion meetings and talking about their upcoming first book, "Class Power on Zero-Hours".These are tough times, in which collective responses from the working class - strikes, rent boycotts, solidarity and mutual aid groups for survival are popping everywhere. Crises spur many into action, they observe, but how could we use this to build a political force to actually enforce things, rather than just 'charitable' and spontaneous actions? They foresee longer term local solidarity structures, independent political, working class organisations rooted in larger workplaces and throughout communities, for workers' self-emancipation. Instead of travelling, they will be live online on Friday 27th March on Facebook, and Tuesday 31st on Zoom, to present the book, answer questions and discuss together. Longer term, they still want to meet people who are interested, in other parts of the country, in strikes and struggles, to share ideas and experiences. Through discussion and collaboration, common strategies could be agreed. Interested in discussing this? Please contact them, and support by ordering a book here.Angry WorkersFacebook page Facebook live event

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