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February 2020

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Extinction Rebellion halts Sheffield Council meeting

February 2020

On Wednesday 5th February, one year after Sheffield City Council declared a climate emergency, Extinction Rebellion Sheffield members disrupted the council meeting to demand action is taken about the climate crisis. Thirty members of the environmental camp...

Extinction Rebellion letter to Graham Kellas

October 2019

Lana, a Sheffield Extinction Rebellion rebel arrested whilst protesting at the Government Oil & Gas Fiscal Summit, has written a letter to the organiser - who attended the same school, 30 years before her.Read the letter at Extinction Rebellion Sheffield...

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Events Listings

1st June 2020

Sheffield Environment Weeks

Sat 27 Apr-Sun 9 Jun 2019

We can be proud of the hundreds of activities that make up Sheffield Environment Weeks, which has run for many years. They range from talks on a range of subjects, to projects like urban agriculture and wildlife conservation. To get involved see the timetable on the website. Officially it runs 27th April to 9th June but some events are on before this.

Sheffield Environment Weeks

"Portraits of a Nation"

Tue 28 May to Wed 5 Jun, DINA, 32 Cambridge St. S1 4HP

DINA is the venue for this week-long photo exhibition to raise money for homeless charities. It features stunning work by @s.t.marks. Entry is free. Opening times 10am-4pm.

DINA on Facebook
Twitter @dinavenue
Instagram @dinavenue

Performance: "Far Gone"

Wed 29 May to Sat 1 Jun 2019, 7.45pm, Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre St. S1 4QZ

“If I invited you to come with me on a journey, a story, will you come with me?” Okumu is an innocent boy living with a good family in Northern Uganda. When his village is attacked by Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army (LRA), he and his brother are captured and their lives are forever changed. Follow Okumu through this transformation from boy to child soldier. The boy struggles to fit into the bush life he’s been forced into until one day an unexpected visitor appears ...

Written and created and performed by John Rwoth-Omack Far Gone is a gut kicking physical performance with humour, poetry, and the horrors of being a child soldier. The play also explores how the political and financial decisions made by western powers affect the life of a child soldier and it may even contribute to it. It takes into account the campaign ran by Invisible Children of Kony 2012 to expose and capture Joseph Kony, and asks how ethical this was really, and what the American government really did to help.

Part of Festival of Debate 2019. Tickets £9.07–£11.19.

Eventbrite ticket booking

"Living Together" Festival of Debate Hub Day

Sat 1 Jun 2019, 1-6pm, Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate S1 2PP

There are many forces in the world that seek to divide us. To close the Festival of Debate 2019, this Living Together Hub Day seeks to explore new ways that we can live and work together. It explores a range of issues facilitated by a series of short sessions by groups.

All day stalls, from Fairness on the 83, Perspectives on UBI, Disability Sheffield, ASSIST

1-2pm, Disability Sheffield Independence Cafe
Participants will choose and discuss three items from the café menu: Independent Living, Social Inclusion, Choice & Control, then write to elected representatives with key findings from the discussions in relation to social care and how it fits with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People.

1-2pm, How can we build the kind of democracy that empowers us to make connections?
OpenDemocracy editor and journalist Adam Ramsay will run a session based on his pamphlet, Trying to milk a vulture: If we want economic justice, we need a democratic revolution, about how to build the kind of democracy that empowers us to make connections and nurture egalitarian and flourishing communities.

2:15-3pm, Co-operation and Collective Decision Making
The Principle 5 Co-operative Resource Centre believes that cooperation is what the world needs. Representatives from the growing range of cooperatives in this region invite you to discuss how and why they do it - and what exactly it’s like to be running a co-op.

2:15-3pm, Sentenced to Death: Campaigning against the death penalty
Amnesty International firmly believe that no one - including any government - has the right to take away someone else’s life. It is launching a specific network to focus on abolishing the death penalty. Amnesty International will give a talk on the death penalty around the world, with opportunities to take action and support the campaign.

3:15-4:30pm, Responding to hate crime in public spaces
Hate crime in public spaces happens. How do we react? What do we say? Did we get it right? Join Who is Your Neighbour for an interactive workshop and leave with some shared experiences of different responses to hate crime.

3:15-4:30pm, Somaliland: Past, present and future
Join Green Party Cllr. Kaltum Rivers and a representative of the Somaliland Mission in the UK to hear how self-declared independent state Somaliland is functioning effectively as a state and how its future might look. Chaired by Natalie Bennett from Sheffield Green Party.

3:15-4:30pm, Starting a conversation about homelessness
South Yorkshire Housing Association host an interactive event, including a film screening, to encourage conversations about ending homelessness in the Sheffield area.

4:45-6pm, Why are there so many people sleeping rough in Sheffield?
Official figures report that 26 people sleep out in Sheffield on any given night. Are these figures accurate? Who are these 26 people? What is being done to help them? Can we ever get to the point where nobody has to sleep out in our city? Can you be part of the solution? Session in association with Roundabout.

Full details on all of the individual sessions on the website. Reserving a free ticket guarantees you a place throughout the day. Donations will be asked for on the door. Tickets for Festival of Debate Does Question Time need to be booked separately. Suggested donation for daytime events: £5 Part of Festival of Debate 2019 in partnership with Cohesion Sheffield, hosted by Opus Independents (which also publishes the Alt-Sheff "Localcheck" column in "Now Then" magazine).

Tickets for Good

Festival of Debate Does Question Time

Sat 1 Jun 2019, 7pm, Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate S1 2PP

The final event of Festival of Debate 2019, a Question Time-style discussion, featuring a variety of leading political figures and commentators, answering direct questions from the audience.

Speakers include:
Outgoing Lord Mayor Magid Magid
Novara Media’s Ash Sarkar
OpenDemocracy editor and journalist Adam Ramsay

This event is part of the Living Together strand which has kindly been sponsored by Learn Sheffield, Create Sheffield and Cohesion Sheffield. Tickets £7 and £9 at the link below.

Tickets for Good

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